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    • What's an RFQ ?
    • An RFQ (Request for Quotation) contains detailed information about a buyer's sourcing requirements. It is posted by the buyer and is reviewed by’s industry expert before being published on the site or being matched to a suitable supplier. Generally speaking, RFQs are considered a higher quality request compared with general inquiries.
    • With Meorient assistant (APP), the online enquiry that buyers send, will be informed to suppliers immediately.
    • Your negotiation with buyers, in Meorient assistant (APP), can be archived as the chat records, and the chat can be summarized. Which will be more convenient to summary, to share among foreign trade teams.
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We divide trade pairing into online and offline parts. Line, we will focus on the professional audience industry, not only invited a large number of agents, distributors. It is all-round, three-dimensional, the level of the audience segmentation, fit the business needs of different exhibitors, and thus more effective business negotiations and cooperation. In the exhibition over the same period to organize more specific trade matching activities for exhibitors and professional buyers to provide one-on-one opportunity to make the exhibition site supply and demand sides can be more efficient to meet and talks.
Online trade matching is the use of mobile Internet technology to establish a set of large data and matching to match the core of the application system for exhibitors to provide pre-exhibition booking and exhibition site matching services, as well as the negotiating party Information query, can make buyers and sellers interact with a trade matching service platform.

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