• Online Exhibition
    • The 24*7 all-day digital exhibition platform is well designed by Meorient.
    • With homelife247 website for the furniture, building materials, Home&Deco, textiles, home appliances and other life-related products.
    • With machinex247 website for the hardware tools, construction machinery, food packaging machinery and other machineries.
    • Suppliers will upload their information to the digital exhibition platform, through website or APP display exhibits to you, so that you can have a general impression of these products before exhibition, no need to look for yours products from the endless exhibits in person.
    • As well, you can also follow the exhibits with a click on the website. After you arrive at the exhibition, this APP will guide you to interview with your potential clients or suppliers and find your favorite products.
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We divide trade pairing into online and offline parts. Line, we will focus on the professional audience industry, not only invited a large number of agents, distributors. It is all-round, three-dimensional, the level of the audience segmentation, fit the business needs of different exhibitors, and thus more effective business negotiations and cooperation. In the exhibition over the same period to organize more specific trade matching activities for exhibitors and professional buyers to provide one-on-one opportunity to make the exhibition site supply and demand sides can be more efficient to meet and talks.
Online trade matching is the use of mobile Internet technology to establish a set of large data and matching to match the core of the application system for exhibitors to provide pre-exhibition booking and exhibition site matching services, as well as the negotiating party Information query, can make buyers and sellers interact with a trade matching service platform.

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