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    • Core values of Meorient
    • Meorient International Exhibition (Meorient Exhibition: 831822) was established in 1994, which is based on the experience of hosting oversea exhibitions during 20 years, aimed to meet demands of buyers in emerging market along the “One Belt One Road” initiative.
    • It builds a one-stop service platform of digital exhibition, foreign trade matching and oversea warehouse, to providethe integration solution including products purchasing intention, inquiry, interview, products inspection, logistics, supply chain and finance for oversea small and medium sized buyers.
    • Platform advantages— Strong resources integration capability to promote interaction and communication of global economy.
    • Model advantages-The new business model of “Internet, Exhibition, Trade” makes communication of buyers and suppliers more efficient and convenient.
    • Local advantages-The international and local promotion and operation team with years of experience maintain a good partnership with local government and trade associations.
    • Global strategies-Hosting theme brand exhibition of HOMELIFE and MACHINEX in 11 emerging countries along “One Belt One Road”, to help Chinese enterprises enter the international market.
    • Digital resources-With data resources of more than 700 thousand international professional buyers and 1.5 million Chinese export suppliers.
    • Why follow Meorient to expand emerging market along “One Belt One Road”?
    • As the No.1 brand of China’s oversea exhibition, it focuses on“ One Belt One Road” emerging market, and takes "China commodity fair" as powerful appeal of exhibition, and has a great advantage on offline exhibition.
    • The new business model of “Internet, Exhibition, Trade” meets the demands of foreign trade clients that promote business by attending exhibitions for a long time, and the excellent information service experience will greatly shorten the process of trade matching, and promote the trade matching’s efficiency.
    • The international operation team will deeply understands their languages, customs, business rules and capture trade requirements in the emerging market.
    • High hundreds of millions of funds invested in helping to find offshore buyers and aspects of promotion and publicity.
    • We believe in 2020, Meorient Exhibition will become the only choice of Chinese exhibitors to expand emerging market along “One Belt One Road”.
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We divide trade pairing into online and offline parts. Line, we will focus on the professional audience industry, not only invited a large number of agents, distributors. It is all-round, three-dimensional, the level of the audience segmentation, fit the business needs of different exhibitors, and thus more effective business negotiations and cooperation. In the exhibition over the same period to organize more specific trade matching activities for exhibitors and professional buyers to provide one-on-one opportunity to make the exhibition site supply and demand sides can be more efficient to meet and talks.
Online trade matching is the use of mobile Internet technology to establish a set of large data and matching to match the core of the application system for exhibitors to provide pre-exhibition booking and exhibition site matching services, as well as the negotiating party Information query, can make buyers and sellers interact with a trade matching service platform.

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